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Our suite of solutions streamlines access into and beyond your hospital in minutes

Success in today’s distributed networks of care relies on intelligent access and orchestration solutions across the full continuum. Medical-Tech.Net streamlines every step of patient transfers into hospitals and beyond—whether skilled nursing, rehab, behavioral health, or home care. The result: More patients referred and retained to grow your health system.

Medical-Tech.Net solutions empower health systems to operate as one connected network of care—enabling clinicians to easily transition patients across care settings.

Centralized and predictive enablement and management of all aspects of patient transitions—whether into, through, or out of the health system—powered by transfers, decision support, and the integration hub.

Care setting specific application features, custom forms, curated networks, and insights to enable access across the continuum of care; from acute and post-acute to behavioral health.

Intelligent emergent and non-emergent transport coordination with real-time tracking and geo-fencing so you know exactly where the patient is in their journey to or from the care setting.

Visibility to staffed beds across the entire system in real time displaying all necessary data points—including average wait times, emergency department pre-admits, and availability by level of care, unit type, and facility—in a single, easy-to-understand screen.

Integrated and centralized physician and provider scheduling data that is visible across the entire health system in real time.

Comprehensive clinician-led engagements with our team of experts, who provide best practices from staffing, workflow, and physician engagement to change management, training, and support.

An established set of industry best practice methods and workflows that define optimized access and orchestration.